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A FREE webinar series by HIT Training in partnership with BII to help you prepare your pub, restaurant or licensed retail venue for the grand reopening.

There are so many things to consider as you prepare to reopen once again...
How do you make a good first impression to patrons?
How to make your staff feel comfortable returning to work?
How do you prep your kitchen ready to take on a busy night’s service?
Is your cellar ready to receive new stock?
How do you ensure your bedrooms still feel cosy, despite being COVID-secure?

Have no fear, we’ve got you covered! Get ready to reopen with HIT Training’s webinar series hosted in partnership with BII.

Across five hour-long webinars, we’ll explore all aspects of your business and the steps you need to take to prepare your venue to successfully reopen to the public. 

Each FREE webinar will feature an industry expert and a successful operator sharing their top tips for a smooth transition.


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Ready2Reopen Webinars

Our webinar series has now finished - but have no fear, you can still register to watch the recordings!

Rewatch any of our FREE webinars below - pick and choose which best fit with the needs and workings of your venue!

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Welcoming back your team
22nd March at 11am

Our experts will discuss how you can support your team’s wellbeing, staff training that might be needed in new areas – like infection control or conflict management, and whether you’ll need to make changes to your team structure to fit the ‘new normal’.

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Making a new first impression
23rd March at 11am

Industry experts will discuss those little touches which make all the difference to your user experience, how to effectively communicate your new ways of operating and, importantly, ways to keep your team and customers safe during the initial influx of trade.

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Prepping your kitchen
24th March at 11am

In this webinar, experts will discuss the various challenges you may face in the kitchen, such as modifying your menu to suit food supply or to accommodate less chefs in the kitchen, how to incorporate or end your venue’s takeaway offering, and refresher or new training for your chef team.

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Refreshing your bar and cellar
25th March at 11am

We’ll have experts on hand to talk through the logistics of getting your cellar running efficiently, cellar cleanliness and maintenance, stock availability, the potential need for drink menu adjustments, staffing concerns and new or refresher training for your bartenders.

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Accommodating guests
26th March at 11am

With bedrooms and rentable spaces having been closed for the longest time, our experts will be on hand to offer practical solutions to get your rooms and hospitality services back into action, discussing topics such as deep cleans, aesthetics and single use items.



Your guide containing helpful tips to aid you in welcoming back your team and customers post-COVID.

Get expert advice on:

  • Welcoming back your team
  • Making a new first impression
  • Prepping your kitchen
  • Refreshing your bar and cellar
  • Accommodating guests

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